Wooden amulet (Available on the day)

You can enjoy the experience of making “wooden amulet.”
This wooden tag combines Japanese and English.
Just select the text and design you want.

Why don’t you make your own wooden amulet in an hour?
In this workshop, you choose your favorite from 5 parts and create your own piece from more than 40,000 combinations.
Enjoy your own design with 33 different ring shapes, 50 characters to choose from, 3 outlines, 3 levels of depth, and up to 3 special backing patterns (extra charge).
The finished wooden amulet tags is finished with resin or paint, and carabiner or string is always with you.
Unleash your creativity and get a special wooden amulet.

We have special plans for visitors!

Overview of creating wooden amulet

Choose your favorite design from 5 categories and experience creating your own wooden amulet. The finished amulet can be worn immediately in a carabiner. How about as a special souvenir or a memory of your trip to Japan?

・Carve a wish as an amulet.
・Add the date and time, season, and place name of your trip to Japan as a souvenir.
・As a gift inscribed with words of gratitude to my parents.
・Carve a special word for your lover as a lifelong memory.
・As a souvenir of a joke for a close friend.

■process to completion
Select (5 categories) → Carving (automatic machining) → Finishing (coloring)

The finish is smoothed with sandpaper and then colored with paint.
You can also use UV resin to finish it.(* Paid option)
The string and carabiner are also included in the set, so you can wear them and take them home.

■Available Categories
Ring: 33 types
Word: 50 types
Outlines: 3 types
Depth: 3 levels
Back: 3 types