Ukiyo-e creation

What you can do with ActivityLab.創-sou-

Creating colorful ukiyo-e prints, creating warm wooden amulet tags,
and creating vivid cloisonne ware – through these experiences, you will learn, feel,
and create the beauty of Japan.

We continue to develop new content one after another and continue to stimulate your creativity.

Weave your own story in this place where anyone can become an artist.

The concept of ActivityLab.創-sou-

“Small, lightweight, hard to break, create your own work and take it home the same day.”
The finished piece is perfect as a souvenir of your trip or as a gift for a loved one.

In the spring of 2024, the creative atelier “ActivityLab.創-Sou-”
was born in a place just 1 minute walk from Yoyogi Station.

This is a workshop where you can experience Japanese traditional culture
that you touch with your hands and feel with your heart.

We provide a comfortable environment.

We provide a hygienic environment that is managed with high precision.
We are equipped with air purifiers and humidity control equipment.